The great god is dissatisfied that the king is becoming "little white", and competitive games no longer test skills?

2022-12-04 15:15

The great god is dissatisfied that the king is becoming "little white", and competitive games no longer test skills?

Glory of Kings has officially entered its seventh anniversary. Unknowingly, this game has been with us for seven years. The loyal players who once entered the game should be college students. Player", the game has been launched for many years, and the official has not forgotten to continue to improve its experience and playability, and constantly optimize it. From the game interface to the matching system, the gap is too big compared to before.

Optimization should be a good thing, just look at the hero skin , the quality is getting higher and higher, now the hero skin, the quality is very similar to the previous epic skin, Tianmei has not forgotten to redo the old skin, beautify it and put it on the shelf again, and even turned it on There is an endless rain of skins, and a new skin will be launched every Friday. All the skins have gorgeous special effects. In addition to the technical contest on the battlefield, of course, "showing off wealth" is indispensable. Let's see whose skin special effects are more eye-catching.

What is albinism?

In the near future, some great gamers feel dissatisfied with the revision of the game, complaining that the glory of the king is being "small white", obviously it is an e-sports game, but it can be seen that technical players are gradually being eliminated, play the game seriously, learn knowledge, and operate high-end. In the canyon, it is not necessarily superior. The "small whiteness" in the mouth of the masters refers to the reduction of the difficulty of the game. Thanks to the settings and prompts that come with the game, the game becomes transparent. Players do not need to rely too much on operation and technology to upgrade their ranks, so it is very easy Pull in the distance with the big players

The S29 season has entered the late stage, less than a month, ready to start a new season, the problem caused by the matching mechanism was repaired a while ago, at the same time, the game has lower and lower requirements for players, in the past it took effort, continuous practice, and self-exploration With hero operation, there is hope for high points in the rankings, and only players with good skills are eligible to be kings.

Now the king's mark has been popularized, and there are king players everywhere on the street. Lucky and cute, there are official favors. Even heroes with high difficulty come with hero indicators. During the battle, hero skills and energy bars, and even wild monsters The value of , all will be displayed, reducing the chance of counter-wilding.