The jungler has become a sinner through the ages, and the shooter is the key to victory? (two)

2022-12-18 15:43

The jungler has become a sinner through the ages, and the shooter is the key to victory? (two)

If the game is won, a few players will praise the Assassin for playing well. This position seems to be a transition period for each position. The jungler helps everyone gain an advantage in the early stage. After everyone rises, they will be forgotten. Forgetting is not important. But your responsibility is not over, the game is not over for a day, don’t think there will be time to stop, even if it is not until the later stage, junglers still have to grasp the opportunity to catch crispy skins, everyone will never thank them for their contributions, only note the junglers mistake.

It can be seen from this that many players do not want to play jungle . Everyone knows that the jungler eats the economy. What is confusing is that most players are not willing to use the jungler's economy to gain troops, and they don't give time to grow the jungle. Once teammates are in danger and the jungler does not show up, they will be killed Invective will not play.

The road to the rise of the shooter is paved by the jungler

The reason why shooters will rise in the later stage is thanks to the jungle heroes. The shooters in the early stage of development are relatively weak, do not take damage, and are easy to be killed. If you don’t rely on the jungler to beat the rhythm in the early stage, the shooter doesn’t even have a chance to speak. Can't output, and the economy is high, and I can't kill anyone. Simply put, when you match a player who can't play, you still rely on the jungler, sacrifice yourself, and replace the two crispy skins with one player. Heroes have a chance to win, otherwise the game will collapse.

After the game, everyone would like to thank the jungler, do you like it? Usually not, no matter how bad the shooter's record is, the last teammate will see it is a team battle with the shooter, kill everyone, get two or three kills, directly lead a wave of troops, and push High ground, breaking the crystal, no one will remember how hard the assassin tried to take away the main output hero on the opposite side, no one will remember that the assassin risked his life to rush into the five people to grab the dragon.

The jungler retreats to support

To sum up, the rise of the shooter is the return of the jungler. This position is indispensable. The jungler is reversed in the early stage, and the shooter is automatically at the headwind in the later stage. In order to avoid being besieged by teammates, no matter how high-end the operation is, players must Gradually give up the main output position of the jungler, no longer carry the banner, abdicate to the virtuous, silently work behind the scenes, take a supporting hero, obediently support the whole team, don't eat money, don't test kung fu, protect teammates, and that's it. responsibility.