The king's catastrophic retreat, the reason is age? (two)

2022-10-05 15:40

The king's catastrophic retreat, the reason is age? (two)

It is often said that the King's Glory mechanism is rotten, the game environment is bad, and the wonderful players are rotten. It is also mentioned that the combat power of the old hero in the new version is greatly weakened, and the strength is not as good as the new hero, and the game cannot be played. That's right, these old players have indeed deleted the King of Glory, but they didn't really retreat, they just said goodbye to the canyon for a while. If the mobile phone has enough memory, they happen to see the new elements, systems, and skins that have been added to the season on the online platform. Or a gimmick, and finally couldn't help but re-download the game and return to the king.

The reporting system is not strong, and only one point is deducted after hanging up. The player's psychology is immediately unbalanced, and it is classified as an e-sports game. In addition, whenever the game loses angrily and keeps losing streak, the responsibility is placed on the system and the game is uninstalled, but it will come back soon, and it will continue to reincarnate. At this time, you realize that these are not the reality of the player's withdrawal. The reason is actually related to their age.

After graduating from university, became a working person

When King was first launched, all the old players must be college students. The game has been launched for nearly seven years. Whether you download it when it was just launched, or enter the pit in the middle of it, you have graduated from college in seven years. , they should all start to focus on their careers. When they become social animals, they have no time to play games.

During school, after class or after finishing all the papers, you can still find time to play games , and even team up with college friends to play games and sit on a table to play games, which is very convenient for communication. On the other hand, after get off work, when I get home from work, I spend a lot of energy, and I don’t have time to watch dramas. When I have time, I would rather lie down and watch videos, or do other more meaningful things. Busy day to day, had to shorten the game time.

Even if you have time to play games, it does not mean that your friends are free to play together. Seeing that everyone is gradually retreating, it seems boring to stay in the canyon by yourself, so delete the game as well.

new game launch

In the mobile game world, it is not limited to the glory of the king. There are other options for e-sports games. With the emergence of more new types of games, everyone would rather spend their time on other games, such as world exploration and role-playing like Genshin Impact. The game has a beautiful style of painting and an interesting storyline. You can press and stop when you are tired of playing. Unlike e-sports games, you can't even hang up when you enter the game.