The king's catastrophic retreat, the reason is age?

2022-10-05 15:38

The king's catastrophic retreat, the reason is age?

The topic of player withdrawal from the King of Glory is really endless. It has been discussed on the Internet for several years. A while ago, the season was changed and the S29 season was officially opened. The number of player withdrawals increased again. It can be described in four words. Retreat is a disaster. You have to admit that the game of King Glory has begun to go down the road.

A large number of players pointed out that the memory of the King of Glory is getting bigger and bigger, the mobile phone cannot meet the requirements, and there is no extra deposit to replace the new mobile phone, abdication to let the worthy, and there are many APPs in daily life that really cannot be deleted, and the king is just a mobile game, and the game environment Oops, the only option is to delete the game, goodbye King, I don't need you anymore.


After the memory problem, everyone suggested that the matchmaking mechanism of the Glory of Kings and the elo mechanism are really unnecessary. In a good match, the main reason for each loss is the teammate matching. It is really unfair to the solo players. Because after your performance in the game, the score is high after the settlement. These hidden points are secretly recorded by the system. The next game will arrange teammates with lower strength for you. The purpose is to maintain the balance and strength of the game. In other words, if you have a high level, Why not bring players with low flying strength?

It can be seen from this that players are puzzled by the phenomenon of winning streak and losing streak. They obviously rely on their own tactics and operations to win, so why should I match teammates whose strength does not meet the rank in the next game? Although the matchmaking mechanism has been optimized this season, there are still players who encounter strange teammates. They behave normally in the early stage, but they suddenly turn into trouble in the later stage. They deliberately affect the mentality of teammates. , this behavior is really more uncomfortable than hanging players.

player slumps

The rotten atmosphere is rampant, which has also become another reason for players to withdraw from the game. If the game is not played seriously, he wants to enter the game to do things and deliberately cause the game to lose. What kind of game mentality is this? It’s better to play in the entertainment mode or matchmaking. There are so many wonderful players, the shadows can’t move, and my teammates can’t help but choose me. I can’t even find the basic game joy, so just retreat. The real reason for the retreat is later, we will continue to discuss it in the next article, friends remember to continue to follow 77577 Sports .