The legend of Yao Xing was optimized, and the skin of Daqiao Dunhuang was exposed.

2022-12-02 15:15

The legend of Yao Xing was optimized, and the skin of Daqiao Dunhuang was exposed.

Recently , Tianmei has made a big move. In November, it will continue to launch new models and return to the old models. The models are also limited skins. King of Glory is about to enter December. I wonder if there will be any skin plans? As we all know, December is the month of Christmas. Is it possible that Tianmei will launch a series of Christmas skins? Let's take a look at what will be updated in December.

Yuanmeng skin, Yuange Wuxin Mecha

As a 6 yuan epic quality skin, Yuanmeng has attracted much attention from players. It is a rare skin that solicits players’ opinions. The modeling and some special effects are selected by players’ votes. The previous three Yuanmeng skins were given to Yunzhongjun and Cai Wenji respectively. , Chang'e, the fourth model will be released soon, it is Yuan Ge's "Wuxin Mecha", the specific launch time has yet to be announced, some bloggers have revealed that it may debut on the 1st, because no one knows which new model will be launched on Friday this week skin.

The appearance rate of Yuange has dropped. Based on the reason of high cost performance, the sales will definitely skyrocket. Even players who don't play Yuange will flock to the mall to start. If they miss it, they will be gone. The Yuanmeng series will generally not return.

Star legend skin, Yao Shi's wish has been optimized

In the past few years, in addition to the limited-quality skins of heroes, epics, legends, and limited quality skins, the official has not forgotten to continue to update the skins of star legends. High-quality skins require 300 purple star coins to be exchanged. Each skin is unique and improves the original skin by another level One level, the quality is not inferior to some skins in the Glory Collection. Di Renjie's "Interstellar Sheriff" that was launched was well received, and the special effects are more gorgeous than Bi An Ling.

A variety of star legend skins, Tianmei will occasionally optimize some of them. According to bloggers, the official plans to optimize the special effects of Yaoshi's prayer, adding gems and particle light effects to the first skill, and the magic circle pattern of the second skill will become more Rich, with more diamond-shaped crystals. As for the big move, we will focus on the details to improve the texture of the crystals. It is very exciting. Will the optimized skin be popular again?

Big Joe Dunhuang exposed

The new Dunhuang skin of Da Qiao is circulating on the Internet. It is said that the quality will be marked as epic. There are currently three Dunhuang series of Glory of Kings. Whether it is Diaochan, Yang Yuhuan or Yao, each one has won the praise of players. Let’s look forward to the next one. The sense of anticipation is extremely high. Da Qiao's new Dunhuang may use pink and green as the color special effect, and the cyan Dunhuang costume will release a pink magic circle. Players wait patiently for the official announcement!