The most terrifying warrior in the canyon, the strength has been weakened six times and still exceeds the standard. (two)

2022-12-14 15:21

The most terrifying warrior in the canyon, the strength has been weakened six times and still exceeds the standard. (two)

The intensity is ridiculously high. If it appeared on other heroes, players would have flocked to the comment area of the official blog and launched an infinite bombardment. Big, maybe it has something to do with the difficulty of using the hero, the performance on the field is more polarized, those who can play are masters, and the latter are here to practice.

Half meat is the mainstream

Ma Chao , who is too strong, what is the mainstream gameplay? At present, half-meat outfits are popular, and Shadow Battle Ax and Star Breaker are necessary, providing attack power output. Ice Mark's Grip has defense power and skill reduction bonuses. Its passive "Strike", after using the skill, within 5 seconds The next general attack will cause an additional 140 to 420 physical damage to the enemies within the range, and reduce the movement speed by 30%. Ranged heroes will be 20% and last for 0.5 seconds. Thanks to this equipment, Ma Chao, who has no control, has more ability to keep people .

Professional games are not suitable for "raising horses"

Ma Chao’s performance in the KPL competition does not seem to be as strong as imagined. It all depends on the team’s strategy. If he decides to "raise horses" and let Ma Chao, who is against the road, take the main output position, the jungler will have to step down and make way. Forced to take the blue-collar field, responsible for cooperating with teammates to create a good output environment, but unfortunately the current version is not very friendly to the "horse core", and the professional game returned to the "wild core era" again.

Ma Chao in the passerby game has a different opinion. With one person, he can disperse the back row and hit the shooters who have not moved. If the situation permits, Ma Chao can harvest one by one without any big moves. He has a solid body, fast movement speed, no need to move, and his pursuit ability is comparable to that of an assassin with multiple moves. After being targeted, he lacks the summoner skill of sprinting, and he can be caught up in a few seconds. Imagine that Ma Chao even rode a horse. Guan Yu might be able to catch up, not to mention the flashing crispy skin.

Two words to describe Ma Chao, perfect!

After clearing the line, go to the middle lane to support, eat double lines to speed up development, the economy has the upper hand, suppress the opponent's assassin, the two fight seriously, the jungler may not be Ma Chao's opponent, just because you are not rich enough for him. Unlimited displacement makes him support quickly, and he can sprint without fear of slowing down. The mechanism, summoner skills, equipment, and inscriptions are all perfectly matched and integrated, giving full play to his attributes and skills, and the perfect buckle.

The data is so astonishing, the planner will not let Ma Chao go easily, it is estimated that it will continue to be weakened in the future, and it is temporarily unclear where to start, some netizens suggest that the official cancel the function of strengthening the general attack and reducing the cooldown of the ultimate skill, and reduce its explosive power, you What do you think?