The most terrifying warrior in the canyon, the strength has been weakened six times and still exceeds the standard.

2022-12-14 15:19

The most terrifying warrior in the canyon, the strength has been weakened six times and still exceeds the standard.

When Ma Chao was first launched , he was not favored by players at all and was criticized. Some players bluntly said that his skill mechanism is like throwing toothpicks. The version has changed, the season has changed again and again, and now the word of mouth has reversed greatly. Talking about the strongest fighter, a fighter who must be used in high-end games, Ma Chao must be on the list. Do you have a feeling of being slapped in the face? That's right, the protagonist of this issue is Ma Chao.

After Ma Chao was exploited many times by the players, he became the biggest nightmare of the canyon, his winning rate soared, and he became more and more terrifying, even planning to get involved in weakening him. From an unknown person to a T0 fighter, this road is not easy. Due to many official obstacles, the official server has been adjusted 6 times, and each time it is weakened.

The road to T0 fighters is bumpy

In 2019, Ma Chao was weakened for the first time, and the passive acceleration effect was reduced. In 2020, it was weakened 3 times. First, the passive acceleration effect was continuously reduced, and then the ratio of movement speed to base damage was weakened. The damage of the ultimate move was also reduced. After a slash, it was finally the passive blood recovery effect. Even in 2021, the official still has no plans to let Ma Chao go, and is determined to keep him from rebirth, and continue to suppress. Ma Chao was planned to weaken the passive blood recovery effect, weaken the passive acceleration effect again, and add five seconds to the CD of the ultimate move. It can be seen from this that Ma Chao's road to fame is bumpy.

Data dominates the confrontation road list

Ma Chao disdained these adjustments, and the official ruthlessly launched six consecutive cuts. He thought it would reduce the strength of this fighter, but it did not decrease but increased. The appearance rate continued to dominate the fighter list. The higher the level, the stronger the player's combat effectiveness. Based on the high difficulty of operation, Ma Chao's winning rate in low-end rounds, high-end rounds and peak games is quite different. The winning rate of the full level is only 48.96%, and the high-star game is 52.28% Xian, with a top game of 53.31%, only a player with good skills can give full play to his full potential and let him continue to be the overlord of the wing.

Ma Chao has been the strongest fighter for several seasons. In the list of heroes against the road at the top of the peak competition, he has the first winning rate and is the only one. But Meng Tian is close behind. If it is not weakened by the official once, I believe he will be Ma Chao. The only opponent, with a winning rate of 53.3% and an appearance rate of 37.7, can you say that Ma Chao does not exceed the standard?