The new comic skin, Tanji changed to throw small animals. (three)

2022-10-03 16:11

The new comic skin, Tanji changed to throw small animals. (three)

Tanji 's heart attack, players are bored, the special effects set off the table, and then pour hot coffee on the opponent, it will feel more amusing, soon after the maid coffee is optimized, it will become Tanji's hottest skin, players are willing to spend 88 A piece of skin, let Tanji change into new clothes, and even players who don't use Tanji often start to buy it. It can be seen that this skin is very cost-effective.

Journey of Time, as a new skin, this time the style has undergone a major change, giving up the element of love and throwing small animals directly at the enemy, such as kittens, puppies, pigs, rabbits, etc., all of them have been thrown out by Tanji, less With love, the little fox became cold-blooded, and even animals were spared. Sure enough, he couldn't be soft-handed on the battlefield, and he couldn't be held back by emotions.

Such a cute little animal, Tanji should have been like a Disney princess. She loves her friends and promised to fight together, but she never thought of throwing them out. The effect is too different from the character design. The playful and cute cartoon Tanji came to the canyon to fight, and immediately became a fiery and irritable female man, and the players were all fans of Tanji.

Taunt enemy control

Originally controlled by the love of the second skill, Tanji from Journey of Time threw an alpaca at the enemy. Seeing the hideous expression of the alpaca, you can understand how reluctant it is. Isn't it a little friend who traveled together? How come it looks like a slipper, and is thrown out by the owner, and after the attack, he even poses, the picture is too funny.

Even so, this skin still conforms to the style of the comics. After hitting the enemy, the font "bang" to describe the sound appears. At this time, even Angela's Journey of Time also appeared. The special effects are unique. At this time, the dizzy For the enemy, there will also be an icon of alpaca sooner or later on the head. Don't look at the animals and their expressions are silly, in fact, the skills are full of irony, making fun of the enemy's inability to move.

Modeling lost to Angela

Just looking at the special effects of the second skill, The Journey of Time is quite fascinating. The whole skin is so fun. The ultimate skill directly throws the four expression packs of the alpaca. The enemy that is hit will also appear in the font of "咩". . To sum up, players have a high evaluation of Tanji's new skin, the special effects are innovative, and the battle is full of fun, but the modeling is a bit flawed, not as good as Angela 's Journey of Time, but the overall special effects are not bad, I like it Players who are self-confident, can consider starting.