The new comic skin, Tanji changed to throw small animals. (two)

2022-10-03 16:08

The new comic skin, Tanji changed to throw small animals. (two)

Tanji , the mage, was rated as an entry-level mage by players. It is exclusive to novices. The simple and rude mechanism is very pleasing and has become the favorite of female players. Even if he reaches the rank of the strongest king, the character Tanji will still appear. If you use a new magician in a high-end game, you will inevitably be criticized by your teammates. There are 34 magicians in the canyon .

The strength of self-tank is limited, the high-level segment is full of defects, and the gameplay remains the same. After the economy is available, the equipment is formed, and then a set of skills is used to kill the opponent in seconds. The skills of the two-three-one are well-known. The month is out of play. Tanji's output never depends on tactics, but scheming. He knows how to grasp the whereabouts of enemy heroes, hide in the grass, and instantly kill opponents when they pass by.

A novice-level mage with a total of eight skins

As a hot mage , it is naturally valued by Tianmei. You don’t have to worry about the lack of skins for heroes. The King is Glory has been online for nearly seven years. Before you know it, Tanji has obtained a total of 8 skins. Even Tianmei's biological daughter, Sun Shangxiang, only has 9 skins, which shows that Tanji's status is not low.

At present, Tanji's skins include epic quality "Maid Coffee", epic quality "Glamour Vegas", limited-time "Wonderland Alice", hero quality "Girl Ahri", limited skin "Passionate Samba", limited legend The skin "The Other Side of Time", the 6-yuan skin "Violet Oath" and the newly launched comic skin "The Journey of Time".

Epic quality skins account for the most amount

Among the eight skins, there are two legendary skins, two hero skins, and three epic-quality skins. After the optimization of Charming Vegas and Maid Coffee, the skin usage rate is high, after all, it can be exchanged in the shard shop. The image and special effects of Maid Coffee are more prominent. They don't launch love attacks, and they pour coffee in battle.

A single epic -quality maid coffee, with three star sets, the original leather can be replaced with brown, green, and purple shapes, all sets or accessories are sold for a limited time, and in the end, "Green Tea Tanji" wins, a light green cake With coffee, the recognition is too high, and the special effects are too eye-catching, so the evaluation is the best. As for the new skin, what are the opinions of the players, we will continue to discuss, remember to stay with 77577 Sports.