The new comic skin, Tanji changed to throw small animals.

2022-10-02 15:46

The new comic skin, Tanji changed to throw small animals.

New skins are online! Guess which hero picked up a new outfit this week? Following the launch of the War Order skin, Tanji's skin became the biggest highlight this week. Tianmei customized a comic skin for her, which belongs to the same series as Angela 's epic-quality skin "The Journey of Time". The three sisters of the canyon, Tanji, Angela and Wang Zhaojun, have two skins that have won the two-dimensional style. When will it be Wang Zhaojun's turn?

Go back to Tanji's skin, named "The Journey of Time", from the comics to the canyon, a new story is about to begin, the appearance is like a naive and lovely fox-eared girl, with Mr. Alpaca on the tail, and the special effects of skills initiate sheep Camel attack, full of fun, the voice crosses the dimensional wall, innocent and cute, and with the relaxed and cute sound effects made by the synthesizer, compared to the old Tanji skin, The Journey of Time is full of fun, not too dull, and the quality is epic limited , the original price is 888 coupons, and only 710 coupons are needed after the first week of discounts.

theme song

Based on the comic style of the skin, in order to highlight the two-dimensional theme of the skin, Tianmei invited the singer Hanazawa Coriander to sing the skin theme song of the Journey of Tanji Time in Chinese. Just click the skin and listen to the song, you can feel the slow Extra-dimensional style. Tanji didn't come across the Canyon of Kings from the comics alone. She brought another partner, Mr. Alpaca, who lay on her fox's tail and agreed to take an adventure together in the canyon. She looks cute and cute. Less joyful, more attractive than Angela's.

Skill effects

As we all know, the most popular skin of Tanji is Maid Coffee, which was instantly popular after the official optimization last year, and can be exchanged for skin fragments in the fragment store, 888 coupon skins, only 88 skin fragments, an epic quality skin , get it for free. Aside from the two skins, Maid Coffee and Journey of Time, the in-game special effects of the rest of the skins are mainly based on sending out love attacks, with too many anchor points.

The special effects of the maid's coffee skin are all set to collapse, flip the table, throw out the coffee cup, etc., the sound effect is full of shock, obviously the appearance is virtuous and gentle, the gentle maid, fights, like an Austrian The irritated waiter, pouring coffee frantically, is very funny and full of fighting power.