The new season, new traps, it is really sad to accidentally choose a losing streak. (three)

2022-10-01 16:28

The new season, new traps, it is really sad to accidentally choose a losing streak. (three)

Marco Polo 's strength is a new low among canyon shooters. With Yao accompanied, the output is still good. For Marco's personal output, it is relatively unsatisfactory. It is classified as a hero who tests the operation. This shooter is really unflattering. Your technique is first-class, so you might as well choose Gongsun Li. The three skills are all displacement skills. The mechanism is more flexible than Marco Polo, and it is elusive. The assassin may not necessarily be her opponent. Currently, in the high-level game, the winning rate is the first.

Liu Bang

This season's Liu Bang , whose intensity is very contradictory, is known as the son of the S29 season version, and is also a new trap of the version, only because of the specialized equipment tailored for him by the official. This equipment mainly increases Liu Bang's transmission speed, so that it can quickly fly to his teammates for support, becoming the tank with the strongest support in the canyon. The whole process only takes 0.5 seconds. In addition, what other functions does the specialization equipment have? It seems to be gone.

Liu Bang's specialization does not seem to be directly related to his combat effectiveness. It purely improves the teleportation skills of his ultimate move. His health is linked to damage, which is his attribute. The advantage brought by the ultimate teleportation is not limited to support, and the line restraint has been strengthened. In the headwind game, you can go to the single belt to push the tower as usual. When you are under siege, you can immediately teleport to the teammates who are guarding the tower in the crystal. In this way, you can help everyone develop. Flatten the economy.

Thinking from another angle, what can be done after the chant time has passed? Without the shield of the first skill, without the control of the second skill, no matter how fast the teleportation is, the final position will be punished on the spot, a waste of skills.

sea moon

The new mage is on the list, and Haiyue has also become a version trap? Why do you say this? Haiyue's strength has exceeded the standard this season, and it has only been launched soon. In order to avoid encountering teammates who practice heroes, or Haiyue God, simply ban it, and the ban rate is 80%.

Some players think that the main reason why she is a version trap is that Haiyue, who has no economy and no equipment, can't get enough damage at all. Relying on the economy of the middle lane alone, she can't develop quickly, and she can't deal damage, and she dares to pull people into the fantasy world to duel. Don't you pit yourself and give the enemy a chance to kill alone? Wang Haiyue, remember to pull the opponent's C position into the illusion first, so that the opponent has one less output hero.