The new season, new traps, it is really sad to accidentally choose a losing streak. (two)

2022-09-30 15:18

The new season, new traps, it is really sad to accidentally choose a losing streak. (two)

I never thought that SNK heroes would be on the list. Tachibana Ukyo, who was once classified as a popular candidate for assassins , tried to cool down, but because of a limited-time legendary skin, it became popular again. After changing seasons, the win rate and appearance rate inexplicably dropped. Players who have watched KPL matches know how flexible this assassin is. He has a strong attack from a distance, a big skill that restores blood, and has two stages of displacement. He is famous for fighting attrition.

The recent Tachibana Ukyo seems to have become down and out. The number of KPL games played has been greatly reduced, only a handful. Compared with the other two SNK heroes, Nakoruru and Mai Shiranui, Tachibana Ukyo's combat power is temporarily the worst one. Going to the jungle is limited to fatigue. The Assassin's anti-wildness ability is not bad, but unfortunately the jungle area this season has been optimized and protected, and the strong period in the early stage has been weakened again.

Tachibana Ukyo's strength is only in the early stage. In the middle and late stage, after the opponents catch up with the economy, no matter how smart the sword skills are, they will be useless. It's amazing, I advise players to put this assassin away first, wait for Tianmei to adjust later, and then go to the vertical and horizontal canyons. After all, he is a linkage hero, the official will not give him up easily, and he has to rely on him to continue to absorb money.

Marco Polo

This shooter has already become a version trap in the S28 season. The adjustment of the shadow blade has made all the dead shots rise. With Marco's double displacement and double tank equipment, the strength exceeds the standard. He is outputting at the attack speed, and every bullet is In the real injury, the tanks are not his opponents. The only shooter who does not need auxiliary support in the entire canyon is Marco Polo. With a Yao girl, he can make up for the lack of control and stabilize the output, but in the end he can't escape the official knife.

After being weakened, Marco Polo 's laning ability is not as good as before, and he has worked hard to develop it. Teamfight damage is common, and it is not as good as descendant's frequent basic attacks, dodge left and right dodge, and test the operation of the hero. Give him a fight, but his performance is amazing. People are disappointed, tell us, what advantages does Marco Polo have, and is it worth remembering him? Coming to the S29 season, the official has no intention to strengthen him at all. The displacement is more than that of people, and the damage wants to be higher than other shooters. How can other dead shooters survive?

There are other weak heroes. Don't forget to continue reading the e-sports article of 77577 Sports , the next one will announce the remaining version traps for you.