The new season, new traps, it is really sad to accidentally choose a losing streak.

2022-09-30 15:15

The new season, new traps, it is really sad to accidentally choose a losing streak.

The new season has started for a few days, and some players are always itchy and click the button to play qualifying. How is the experience of the top score? A large number of players said that the matchmaking mechanism was optimized in the S29 season, and the matched teammates were finally a little more normal, but halfway through the game, they were messed up for no reason, deliberately messed up, and deliberately got into the game. Play a game?

I have met all kinds of teammates, and everyone has left a shadow. I feel that the so-called matching mechanism is still unbelievable. In the end, I still have to rely on myself, try to play as well as possible, maybe I can fly alone. In addition to being highly skilled, it is not enough. The canyon in the new season is once again facing a change of dynasty. The times are changing. The hero who was obviously strong last season has made a big comeback this season and was replaced by another in less than a few days, which is embarrassing.

The strength exceeds the standard, or there will be a second adjustment

This phenomenon occurs frequently, and players are powerless. Any hero and equipment adjustment is controlled by Tianmei. It is not the player who complains in two rounds, and the reality can be changed. In the end, there is no choice but to compromise. To survive in the canyon, you must see the wind. Which hero When you rise, you have to grab it and use it. Then you will have an advantage at the beginning. The victory or defeat of the game depends on the performance of your teammates, as well as your own awareness and operation.

Beware of natal heroes becoming traps

Not only that, but some players don't care too much about how the version changes. In short, it's good to do your duty. It is better to spend time to practice the son of the version. It's better to use the hero of your own life. Has he been stabbed by Tianmei, and is completely unsuitable for the new season.

Based on the fact that it is still the beginning of the season, it is difficult to predict the son of the version. Even if the current strength exceeds the standard, the winning rate and appearance rate are soaring and too ostentatious. It does not rule out the possibility that Tianmei will weaken. The version trap is different. After being weakened, you will never look back, and you will be eliminated. If you choose accidentally, you may encounter a losing streak. It will be really sad to play at that time. Let's see which hero has become a hero in the S29 season. Version trap? Players remember to stay behind on 77577 Sports , the next article will reveal the version traps of the Glory of Kings S29 season, be careful to fall into the abyss.