The optimization of Qingbai Snake is completed, and the new skin of Sister Flower is officially launched.

2022-10-01 16:30

The optimization of Qingbai Snake is completed, and the new skin of Sister Flower is officially launched.

Previously, the green and white snake skins of Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao had been officially announced that they would be optimized, and even open voting, allowing players to choose their favorite posters and modeling, but the optimization plan was delayed many times, and new skins were launched every week. The skin seemed to be forgotten by Tianmei. When I received the optimization news, during the 6th anniversary, Tianmei distributed free coupons, and a large number of players took the opportunity to get the skin. After waiting for two years, the optimization was finally completed.

The new season has started, and everyone is focusing on the battle order skin and the season skin. The newly launched customization system shows that the official skin plan mainly focuses on stars. I believe that in the future, a skin will get a total of four stars, including the special effects in the game, seriously To get it all together, you may not be able to buy all the skins if you spend all your wealth.

Good things will always happen when you don't expect them. The blue and white snake skin will be reworked without warning. The quality is epic , and the price will cost 710 coupons each.

The appearance of these two skins is like a new interpretation of the classic green and white snake character, with the special effects of West Lake scenic spots, the green snake's voice is playful and cute, the white snake's voice is gentle and pleasant, the green snake's sound effect is beautiful and the lake is beautiful, and the white snake's sound effect is intertwined with the sound of the piano.

After the skin modeling is replaced, it is more in line with the epic quality and should have an image. The green snake, which was once spit by players, has changed the image of the maid, and has an extraordinary temperament. It has a strong Chinese style, but I feel that the skills and special effects are not very different, and the feel needs to be strengthened , is still cumbersome to use.