The skin ownership of the World Championship is finalized, and the new SNK hero will be launched next season?

2022-12-19 15:07

The skin ownership of the World Championship is finalized, and the new SNK hero will be launched next season?

The S30 season is only half a month away. The King of Glory will be officially updated on January 5, ending the season in Qianseyun and ushering in a new season, which means that there will be many changes to the game version mechanism, new skins Online with heroes, I wonder what kind of era the canyon will be in 2023? Which position will eat up the benefits of the version and rise instantly?

The experience server is being updated one after another. I believe that the official server will change later. After the rank is settled, players will face new challenges again. Of course, they must understand the new version in advance before scoring, otherwise they will not be able to keep up with the rhythm, and they will be eliminated. First of all, the map of the jungle area has been revised again. This season is to accelerate the development of the jungler. In the S30 season, small wild monsters will be added, and the area of the blue buff will be changed. It is very important for jungler heroes, and it will take time to re-adapt.

New SNK heroes are coming

Every season there will be a new hero on the line. The protagonist of the next season will be Lexio, and his profession will be a shooter. It is said that he can output in the air, the attack distance is extremely long, and the mechanism is unique. It is very pleasing before it is online. Players think He will be the Shangguan Wan'er in the shooter world, and he will attack fiercely before his debut. I believe that after the official server is launched, he will quickly ascend to the position of T0 hero.

Not only that, Glory of Kings will continue to cooperate with SNK , but this time instead of launching new skins for existing SNK heroes, it will launch a new hero named Yagami. The skill mechanism will be reworked, and the occupation has not been confirmed. The two new heroes will be launched next year. Players must prepare gold coins to buy or exchange them in the mall.

Li Bai Shiguan skin, playing with bamboo leaf ink style

The 2022 World Championship is in progress, and everyone is guessing the ownership of the skin. According to the big news, the official seems to have finalized the plan and plans to give it to Li Bai. The quality will be legendary, and the special effect uses bamboo ink style. It was originally designed for Li Bai. A glory collection , maybe the quality and appearance are not up to standard, so simply replace it with a more acceptable World Crown skin.

In addition, the skins that will be launched next year will also be the new season skins in the style of Sangqi sailor suits. The epic skins of the season will belong to Pangu, and the S30 battle order skins will be given to Chang'e and Yu, Yuji's Skylark Lingxing It is said that there is another super cool monkey skin that will play the special effect of ice and lightning. Are you looking forward to the coming of the new season?