The spring water that moves in the canyon, should Cai Wenji play meat costume or magic costume? (two)

2022-12-15 14:41

The spring water that moves in the canyon, should Cai Wenji play meat costume or magic costume? (two)

Before deciding whether Cai Wenji should play meat outfit or magic outfit, should I check her skill attributes? According to Cai Wenji's passive, after receiving damage, it will increase the speed of 70% continuous decay for 2 seconds, and restore 250 points of life every second for 2 seconds, and the passive triggers every ten seconds. As for the first skill, it can increase the blood volume of itself and the teammates within the range, and the second skill is a control skill, which emits sound waves, bounces between enemies, has a continuous control effect, stuns and causes spell damage at the same time.

This skill is very hateful during team battles. It can be ejected up to 6 times. The hero of the displacement skill has encountered Cai Wenji's sound wave many times, causing the skill to be interrupted. He stayed in the same place for no reason during the movement, and was finally besieged. Gang beat up the assassin who came to attack. The ultimate skill, Cai Wenji releases the sound of the piano, every 0.5 seconds to restore 100 points of life to the friendly hero with the lowest blood volume in the range, lasting for 5 seconds, and at the same time increase its physical and magic defense by 300 points. It can be seen from this that the ultimate move is responsible for recovering a large amount of health for himself and teammates within the range, and also provides double resistance effects, with first-class protection ability.

The meat suit is more suitable for the S29 version

Cai Wenji is completely a buff-type support , without any ability to start a team. The only function is to restore blood. Magic equipment players support Cai Wenji to take the route of strong spells and enhance the recovery effect. Only in this way can the endurance of teammates be greatly improved, and the team's damage can be increased. It's just that in the S29 season, you have to admit that Cai Wenji, who is dressed in meat, may be more capable of surviving in the canyon.

In the S29 season, it can be described as a second-to-second version. As the support with the lowest economy, Cai Wenji, who meets a shooter or jungler with a high economy, has a fragile body and is covered with magic equipment. The possibility of being killed by the opponent cannot be ruled out. No matter how strong the recovery is, the recovery speed may be It's not as good as the opponent's explosion damage, and the instant kill effect makes you not even have the chance to click on the skill. Only when the meat outfit is released and the survival rate is greatly increased, will there be a chance to restore blood to teammates. Otherwise, if you die in a team battle, it will be useless in the end.

Not only that, Cai Wenji, who is in a meat outfit, can also help teammates absorb damage. The only disadvantage may be that the amount of blood returned is average. What kind of equipment to use depends entirely on the situation of the war and the enemy lineup. The fault tolerance rate is high. Meat equipment is a must, unless you are skilled in manipulation, magic equipment is your time to show off.