The spring water that moves in the canyon, should Cai Wenji play meat costume or magic costume?

2022-12-15 14:39

The spring water that moves in the canyon, should Cai Wenji play meat costume or magic costume?

As the version has been updated many times, the status of support has been improved. In the qualifying match, it can be seen that many players give up the position of main damage, preferring to choose a support to concentrate on assisting assassins or shooters in output. During team battles, they can play all-round skills and create a good situation for the whole team. output environment. Even so, the workload of support will never be less than that of the jungler, roaming support, increasing attributes, targeting opponents, providing round-the-clock personal protection services, holding the lowest economy, very busy with work, and sometimes having to "take the blame" , if there is a slight mistake, if you are killed or the tower is broken, you must first find an assistant to settle the score.

Cai Wenji used to be considered as a support in low-end games. This support only appeared in Masonry or Xingyao games. As a popular hero, Cai Wenji was very popular with players every season, and even began to win the favor of the strongest players. , can be called a moving spring, has a lot of functions in team battles, and the powerful blood recovery makes teammates seem invincible. It is obvious that the enemy keeps attacking and throwing skills, and the blood volume does not decrease anyway, which is staggering.

Free up equipment space to restrain Cai Wenji

In order to cope with Cai Wenji's mechanism, some players have to set aside a special equipment space, buy Sanctions or Nightmare, and buy the ability to suppress blood recovery in the early stage, so the early stage or output is not enough. If it is delayed, it is likely to be eliminated in multiple team battles. , causing the economy to lag behind by a large margin, and was pushed flat in the mid-term. Cai Wenji is not a support who can score points, and the team gain should not be underestimated.

Cai Wenji is born to provide battery life for teammates, even if the blood is left, there is no need to take time to go back to the high ground to replenish blood, just ask Cai Wenji for help at any time. Many players are hesitating about this support's outfit. Should I choose the meat outfit or the magic outfit? The mechanism based on Cai Wenji comes with a blood recovery function, but it is positioned as a soft auxiliary with a fragile body. If you want to stand for a long time, some players will think that the meat outfit is more suitable and has a certain defensive power. It is difficult to be killed if you replenish the blood recovery. Only then have the opportunity to continue to recover for teammates.

On the other hand, magical outfits can improve Cai Wenji's recovery effect, maximize the mechanism, replenish blood in seconds during team battles, wouldn't the effect be better? Don't worry, let's analyze Cai Wenji's attributes one by one, and the gain effects of the two sets of equipment. The next article will reveal it for you. Friends, please continue to follow 77577 Sports.