The store is updated once a week to see the skin sales rankings. (three)

2022-10-06 16:25

The store is updated once a week to see the skin sales rankings. (three)

The S29 season launched the battle order skins, namely Zhong Wuyan's "Cross Space Warrior" and Yu Ji's "Luohua Lanxin". Before the season change, the last skin on the store shelves in the S28 season is Zhuang Zhou's epic quality skin" "Tianxiu·Fantasy", and it successfully won the third place with the highest sales of skins.

Zhuang Zhou 's "Tianxiu·Fantasy" is one of the skins of the e-sports group series. It looks like a game video up master who is inspired by editing in a dream. It has interesting light sci-fi special effects. Don't waste it, and then match it with a series of iconic sound effects of youthful vitality, which is full of futuristic feeling. The score of this skin is not high, only 3.8 points. After three months of launch, it can still rank third, which shows that there are not many competitors.

After Tianxiu·Fantasy was put on the shelves, the king entered the S29 season. During the period, the focus was on the skin of the battle order. Zhao Yun's star set in the future era did not help to increase the sales of the original skin, which proved that everyone did not have much concern for this new set of star accessories. 's favor. The setting is average, in the eyes of players, it is just one of the common e-sports style skins, and there are no bright spots.

After the battle order skin, the next one is the Glory Collection Store, which adds Guan Yu's "Red Shadow Swift Front" skin, which is expensive and not affordable for civilian players. You have to spend points to get Glory Crystals to exchange, Zhuang Zhou's skin It is not surprising that the sales volume ranks third. It only took half a month to reach the third place. This is where players are puzzled. Perhaps the number of novice players of Zhuang Zhou has increased, and he did not get the exclusive skin for the sixth anniversary. He put on an epic skin.

Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao, the blue and white snake

The skin sales ranked fourth. It is the same skin of this pair of sisters, the blue and white snake. It was officially announced last year that the skin will be optimized, but it has not been on the shelves. Discounted skins . For players who do not have any skins, it is very worthwhile to start at this time. The price is good. The modeling and posters are much better than before. Unfortunately, the special effects have not changed much, and they are still cumbersome to use. Qualified.

After the green and white snake skin, the sixth is Lan's "Bounty Hunter". After so long, the sales have been strong. Obviously, the players who didn't buy it in the first week have awakened.