The store is updated once a week to see the skin sales rankings. (two)

2022-10-06 16:23

The store is updated once a week to see the skin sales rankings. (two)

The number one ranking is Goya 's Dangerous Flower, and the hero skin with a 6 yuan instant kill. The price is relatively high, and a large number of players must be flocking to buy it. The hero usage rate is not considered, but the skin is really too cheap. Special effects colors and modeling are enough. The second-ranked skin sales volume is Tanji "The Journey of Time", which was just launched.

The latest skin only ranks second? No way, the front is the hero skin with a price of 6 yuan, which is sold for a limited time. If you miss it, you won't have the opportunity to buy it again. Analyzing the skin quality of Journey of Time, as an epic quality, with a discount of 710 points in the first week, she is also a skin worth getting.

The Adventures of Tanji Time, ranked second

Tanji was rated as a new magician. The skill mechanism is simple and easy to use, and it is easy to operate. The equipment is formed in the later stage, and a special set of skills can instantly kill the opponent. Even when he reaches the rank of the strongest king, the figure of this mage can be seen everywhere, and female players are really good. I love it so much, instead of changing heroes and re-practicing the connection between operations and skills, it is better to directly use the awareness that the strongest king player should have in a mage with low operation difficulty, figuring out the position, squatting and catching people.

Tanji's Journey of Time is the second comic skin. The background story is to travel through dimensions and fight with Mr. Alpaca in the canyon. It adopts Japanese comic style. This kind of two-dimensional skin may not be suitable for older players, but the special effects are great. Full of funny elements, the skills thrown out make people laugh, including the icon of the llama grazing on the top of the head after stunning the enemy, and the release of the emoji package of the ultimate skill. Each skill is used, and the special effects are taunting the enemy. On the battlefield, the dignified atmosphere is immediately eased, and the skin users are happier.

Lost to low-priced hero skins

No one thought that Tianmei would launch this kind of skin . The special effects are very pleasing, and the modeling has been improved a bit. Angela has the same skin, which will inevitably be used by players for comparison. The Journey of Time ranked second in sales. It lost to a low-favorite shooter's accompanying skin. The epic quality of funny elements is not as good as the hero quality of changing colors. Players were surprised and said it was a pity. The two models launched in the past two weeks ranked first and second respectively. As for the third place in sales, it will be an unexpected skin.