The store is updated once a week to see the skin sales rankings.

2022-10-06 16:22

The store is updated once a week to see the skin sales rankings.

King of Glory updates the store once a week, and new skins are launched. It has become the constant law of this e-sports game. This season, Tianmei's skin plan and skin customization system will be launched. It predicts future or old skins, each of which will launch 3 to 4 The Xingyuan suit, plus personalized buttons, city return effects, trailing effects, defeating effects, etc., I wanted to collect all the skins, but my wallet fell into the bottomless abyss. Now you really have to choose carefully.

Skins are on the line all the time, some players must be wondering how the sales of skins will be? After all, not every model is well-liked by players. If the crazy design is put on the shelves, are you sure it will pay back? Considering the popularity of heroes and skin special effects, expensive skins, or skins with particularly gorgeous special effects in the game may not have high sales.

Players of the King of Glory, who are also famous consumers, will always look for skins with high cost performance and affordable prices. The main reason for buying skins is not to improve the hand feel, the operation will be smoother, and there will be less cumbersome or stuck. I feel that the skin with the sound effect is full of blows. Even if it is not economical, it is confident and slow, thinking that the damage is high, and it hurts to hit people. Let's take a look at the skins that have recently hit the store shelves. Will the sales surprise?

Goya, the flower in danger

do you know? Goya's "Crazy Flower" is a revised version of the companion skin. The king is now different from before. The companion skin that only changes the modeling shape will be replaced by the six-yuan spike skin. The most surprising thing is that this hero-quality skin actually appeared in the shard store. When the skin shards are overflowing, there are really not many players who exchange it. It consumes 48 skin shards, and it is better to replace it with a hero skin. Save and redeem for epic-quality skins that require 88 skin shards.

Even so, the sales volume of the skin has nothing to do with the exchange of fragments. This skin is still on the store shelves for a limited time. It only costs 6 yuan. The ultra-low price made Goya break through the siege and become the top seller in a short period of time. The strength of the previous shooter is average, the usage rate is low, and everyone is willing to buy it. It seems that there are really many players who are willing to buy the 6-yuan hero skin.

Dangerous Road Crazy Flower, changed the skill color of the original skin to blue, the poster design is full of sincerity, the first is Goya, then which hero will be the second, the next article will be revealed for you, friends Continue to follow 77577 Sports .