Theo: I had a great time at Milan and hope to improve again

2022-10-07 12:50

Theo: I had a great time at Milan and hope to improve again

Theo, who just turned 25, talked about himself, Milan and his son in an interview with the French sports magazine Eleven .

Regarding himself, Theo said that his defense was not good when he first joined Milan, but now he has improved a lot on the defensive end and may make even greater progress in the future. He also said he had to make progress in the pen holder. He says he can grow in Milan, by training every day, at work and by obeying the coach.

Theo also said he was 25 and needed to keep working because he wanted to improve again. The people in Milan will help him, they all love him, they are strong and he is happy there. He and his teammates wanted to write other important chapters in Milan's history. He thinks Milan is off to a good start to the new season and hopes to continue.

Regarding Milan, Theo said that they have very strong players, Milan is an unbelievable team, and all the players are real friends. They work well together, every player, the team is growing and maturing, and that's why we won Serie A last season. They work well together and the coach is very helpful to them.

In addition, Theo hopes that his son can become an athlete in the future, maybe a football player, but he is only 5 months old. The son was the best thing in the world for Theo, his whole world and let him settle down.