There is a hidden crisis in the title of Almighty, and a large number of players demanded to cancel it.

2022-12-05 15:18

There is a hidden crisis in the title of Almighty, and a large number of players demanded to cancel it.

As an e- sports game that has been launched for seven years , Glory of Kings will lose a certain number of players every season. Previously, because of a matching mechanism and insufficient punishment, it led to a flood of bad performances, which seriously affected the game experience. Many players, the S29 season is a season of great changes. In addition to continuing to launch high-quality limited skins, the pace has accelerated, and the gameplay has changed drastically. The official team has finally optimized the matching system. Teammate questions, feedback.

In order to attract and retain existing players, Tianmei continuously improves the game experience, frequently updates and optimizes the game, and also adds title settings for players, so that they can show their status and achievements in the game at any time. A few seasons ago, Tianmei added the setting of "Almighty Title". Unfortunately, at the beginning of its launch, a large number of players resented it and asked to cancel it, but it has still not been resolved. Why cancel it? Because it was discovered by the player that there was a hidden crisis.

The title is not difficult to win

The title of Almighty seems to be supreme, but it is really not difficult to win it. As long as there are three purple proficiencies in each main occupation, you can automatically get the title of Almighty. Obviously, the requirements for obtaining it are very low. Most players train heroes in man-machine or matching games. If you play too much, your proficiency will soon rise to purple, and you will never be close to the enemy in battle strength, so you will be awarded the title of "fake master" by the players, just like the current king's mark, which is everywhere in the street.

last hero

The Almighty title seems useless, purely for the show of the game, but it actually hides a big pit, so players are so entangled and constantly ask the official to cancel it. Players who have obtained the title of Almighty will be automatically arranged to fill their seats during the qualifying match. Although this title is also divided into eight levels, not everyone will get this title every game. If only one player in the team is an "Almighty" player, they will Automatically assigned to the position on the fifth floor. Yes, the system will let you be the last one to choose a hero. Since they are all versatile, at least three of the five positions have good proficiency, which means they are capable of any position. Responsible for filling.

Wouldn't it be a good thing to have players fill in for positions you don't know how to play? This setting and title hide the player's common heroes, so you can't guess which position the replacement player is good at, resulting in overlapping positions during the hero selection stage, and the player does not have the ability to fill the position. He didn't reach the level of a great god at all, which led to an unreasonable lineup, losing the game, and it was unfair to the all-round player himself, because he was always the last hero to choose.