Thunder guard Madden, 21, and three teammates traded to Rockets

2022-10-01 14:07

Thunder guard Madden, 21, and three teammates traded to Rockets

Following the recent trade of 22-year-old Czech guard Vic Regić to the Atlanta Hawks from the Oklahoma City Thunder , the Thunder and the Houston Rockets today reached a blockbuster deal involving eight players, the 21-year-old guard Theo Madden also participated in it and went to the Rockets with three teammates.

According to the trade information, the Thunder will send Madden, 25-year-old guard Ty Jerome, 29-year-old forward Maurice Harkless, 31-year-old center Derrick Favors and a 2025 second-round pick Right to the Rockets , and in exchange for 25-year-old forward Marquese Chriss, 27-year-old forward Sterling Brown, 29-year-old guards Trey Burke and David Nuwaba.

The 21-year-old Madden played for ASVEL in Ligue 1 for three seasons in 2017, and played in 22 Turkish Airlines Europa League and 20 Euro Cup basketball matches.

He was then selected by the Philadelphia 76ers with the 34th pick in the second round of the 2020 NBA Draft and was then traded to the Thunder. After entering the NBA, he represented the Thunder in 116 games as a starter in 56 games, averaging 8.8 points, 2.9 rebounds and assists, 0.8 steals and 0.2 blocks per 23.2 minutes per game, with an overall shooting percentage of 37.1%. .

Madden is about to make a fresh start with the second team of his NBA career after two seasons with the Thunder. Madden is expected to remain with the Rockets after the deal is reached, and Favors, the 31-year-old veteran with the highest salary in the transaction, is likely to be included in the trade zone or as a backup in the Rockets' rotation. center.

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