Tottenham coach urges Chinese Football Association to severely punish racially discriminatory fans and advocate permanent ban

2022-09-30 14:38

Tottenham coach urges Chinese Football Association to severely punish racially discriminatory fans and advocate permanent ban

Following the 5-1 win over Tunisia in Paris on Wednesday, the striker for Tottenham Hotspur was racially abused after scoring his second goal. joint investigation.

Tottenham coach Antonio Conte also spoke out on social media and called on the National Football Federation to take tougher action, including advocating a lifetime ban and expressing a strong stance against racist people.

In the 19th minute of the first half, forward Richarlison, who represented the Brazilian national team and played for Tottenham, scored a powerful shot from the penalty area, helping Brazil to achieve a 2-1 lead in the first half. However, as they celebrated their goal near the corner flag, fans in the crowd threw water bottles and other items at them, including bananas, in an apparent racist move, implying that black people are monkeys and need people to deliver water and bananas.

At that time, the Brazilian team held an anti-racism banner high before kick-off to call on people not to play up racism in football, but they did not expect that the whole game was full of racist remarks, actions and atmosphere, which caused the scene of the match to be chaotic for a time. .

The incident immediately sparked heated discussions, with the Brazilian Football Association sternly condemning racial discrimination after the game, while FIFA also issued a statement emphasizing its "clear and zero-tolerance stance" on racism, and said The incident is currently under investigation.

In addition, the victim player Richarlison also revealed on social media that racism is "everywhere" and urged FIFA to pay attention to the matter, suggesting that the governing body has been overly tolerant of discriminatory behavior in the past. He also hopes that the National Football Federation can take drastic action as soon as possible to stop incidents of racial discrimination from continuing to occur in football.

Tottenham coach Conte also quite supports the position of his own players, and said that this incident is disappointing and disgusting, emphasizing that the abuser must be banned from doing what he wants, and he called on FIFA to throw the name at Richarlison. Banana fans have been severely punished with lifetime bans, making those involved accountable for their actions and accepting the price of not being able to participate in international football for the rest of their lives.

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