Tottenham Hotspur head coach angrily refuted 'disrespectful' allegations linking him with a return to Juventus as Massimiliano Allegri's replacement..

2022-09-30 14:21

Tottenham Hotspur head coach angrily refuted

Tottenham Hotspur head coach Antonio Conte had personally refuted rumours that have seen media associated him with Juventus' managerial position.

Conte refuted the allegations when questioned by reporters at a press conference at the pre-match press conference at the Spurs' North London Derby match against Arsenal in the Premier League this weeked on Thursday. Conte said that he was very happy at Spurs, and it was because the club stated that they were willing to support each other at the beginning, that he had signed the contract and have absolute trust in the club. Therefore, he was disappointed with rumours that linked him with a departure from the club and a return to I Bianconeri.

Conte said: "This is incredibly unbelievable! During this period, I think this (rumour) disrespected the head coach who works at Juventus and also lack respect for me who works at Tottenham. We have just started this season, I have talked about this topic many times before, and I have always emphasized that I am very happy here and enjoy the time I coached in Tottenham.

"As always, our belief in each other is still strong, hence we both only signed the contract. We are working hard to find the most suitable solution for the club and myself regarding the contractual issue. I thoroughly enjoy my time here at Tottenham Hotspur. I have a good relationship with the chairman and Fabio Paratici. I don't think there will be any problems in the future. Both of us have signed the contract (at the start of our career here), I don’t want to see links like this anymore, I don't like to see these links, and see these links being spread around. "

Originated from an outlet whose credibility is poor

In fact, rumours claiming that Conte is interested in leaving Spurs to coach Juventus often happened, but the most sensational report were made by the Italian online media Calciomercatoweb last week. The report alleged that the 53-year -old Italian head coach does not rule out the possibility of taking over I Bianconeri's managerial role again next summer having previously also serving as Juventus' head coach from 2011 to 2014.

This season, Juventus won only two games in the first seven Serie A matchdays, and they even lost the first two rounds of the Champions League group stage, causing the club to face a huge trouble before the mid-season World Cup break. While calls for a change of manager has become higher and higher as days gone by.

It is worth noting that, rumours suggesting Juventus' current head coach Massimiliano Allegri will be sacked has already begun to circulate since a few weeks ago. During this period, Adana Demirspor head coach Vincenzo Montella is also even rumoured to be the candidate who will be taking over from Allegri.

Calciomercatoweb was slammed by the two renowned transfer journalists of Sky Sports recently for spreading fake news which alleged that Liverpool had regretted loaning Arthur and was already thinking about sending him back to Juventus as soon as possible.