UEFA Champions League - At home to AC Milan Chelsea looking to claim first win

2022-10-05 13:08

UEFA Champions League - At home to AC Milan Chelsea looking to claim first win

The 2022/23 UEFA Champions League Group E Group 3rd round will usher in a focus game. Premier League giants Chelsea will sit at Stamford Bridge to face the Serie A champions AC Milan, and look to win the first victory to keep the chance to advance.

New coach Porter's first game in charge of Chelsea was in the second round of the Champions League group stage. Unfortunately, the team could only draw 1-1 with Red Bull Salzburg at home. At present, Chelsea have only achieved 1 draw and 1 loss and are ranked last in the group standings, so coach Porter needs to lead Chelsea to victory in this game in order to keep the chance of qualifying.

In last week's Premier League game, Chelsea, who were on the road, reversed Crystal Palace 2-1, giving the team more confidence to face the Champions League group stage.

In addition, AC Milan defeated Zagreb Dynamo 3-1 in the last round of the Champions League group stage, and currently ranks first in the Group E standings with 1 win and 1 draw, but only ahead of the second-placed Sag. Loeb Dynamo has 1 point, so the "Rosé and Black Army" has no room to lose points in this campaign. In Serie A, AC Milan beat Empoli 3-1 on the road last week, making the team more hopeful to continue the victory in the focus game against Chelsea.

In terms of the lineup of the two sides, Chelsea have goalkeeper Mendy and midfielder Kante unable to play due to injuries, Jorginho was injured in the last round of the Premier League, and Cucurella and Chukwemeka are ill. , so it is still unknown whether these three players can play. For AC Milan, Teo, Meignan, Ibrahimovic, Origi, Messias, Florenzi, Kjaer, etc. are injured and are doubtful, so there is a worry that there may be loopholes in the offensive and defensive strength.

Looking back at the past record, the two sides have only faced each other twice in the Champions League. Chelsea won 0-0 at home with AC Milan in the 1999/2000 season, and they shook hands 0-0 away.

In the other game of the same group, Zagreb Dynamo will go away to fight Red Bull Salzburg. With Red Bull Salzburg currently only 1 point behind Zagreb Dynamo in the group standings, this campaign will be another unavoidable battle.