UEFA Champions League - Calhanoglu scores as Inter Milan beat Barcelona 1-0

2022-10-05 10:14

UEFA Champions League - Calhanoglu scores as Inter Milan beat Barcelona 1-0

In the 2022/23 UEFA Champions League group stage, Group C ushered in another competition. The "Nerazzurri" at home scored the only goal of the game with Calhanoglu and finally won La Liga 1-0. Giants Barcelona.

6 minutes into the campaign, Calhanoglu volleyed directly after getting the ball outside the penalty area but was saved by Barcelona goalkeeper Ter Stegen. In the 14th minute, Barcelona got a good corner kick. After Rafinha kicked the ball, Christensen headed the goal but was saved by Inter Milan goalkeeper Onana.

In the 17th minute, Dembele passed the ball, Polish star Lewandowski turned around and shot again, but unfortunately the ball was confiscated by the opponent's goalkeeper due to insufficient shooting power. A minute later, Inter Milan took a corner kick, and Lautaro headed the goal but it was high.

In the 24th minute, Inter Milan launched an attack, and Correa touched the ball with Eric Garcia's hand when he made a breakthrough. Penalty kick. In the 27th minute, Inter Milan sent a through ball. Correa crossed Ter Stegen and smashed the ball into the empty goal after forming a single-handed shot. However, Correa was offside and the goal was ruled out.

In the 45th minute, DiMarco crossed and scored a low shot from Calhanoglu outside the penalty area, helping Inter Milan lead Barcelona 1-0.

Barcelona goal disallowed

In the 55th minute of the second half, Christensen collided with Mkhitaryan and fell to the ground. Christensen was replaced because he could not hold on. In the 66th minute, Dembele made a pass from the right. After Onana threw the ball, Pedri seized the opportunity to push the ball into the empty goal. However, after looking back at VAR, it was found that Onana's ball touched Fati's hand after hitting the ball, so Barcelona's goal was ruled invalid and Barcelona missed the opportunity to equalize the score.

In the 88th minute, Barcelona got a free kick, but Busquets' header missed the post. In the end, Inter Milan beat Barcelona 1-0 and rose to second place in the group standings, while Barcelona ranked third with 3 points.