UEFA Champions League - Son Heung-min scored 2 goals, Tottenham reversed Frankfurt 3-2

2022-10-14 09:50

UEFA Champions League - Son Heung-min scored 2 goals, Tottenham reversed Frankfurt 3-2

The 2022/23 UEFA Champions League Group D Group staged one of the focus games. The Premier League giants Tottenham Hotspur, who were at home, were leading by 1 goal. With the goals contributed by South Korean stars Son Heung-min and Kane , and finally beat Frankfurt in the Bundesliga with a thrilling 3-2 victory.

From the start of the game to the 6th minute, Sessegnon made a cross from the left, and Richarlison, who was at the back point, jumped up and shot, but the ball went wide. In the 14th minute, Dell accidentally made a mistake when receiving the ball in the backcourt. The Kamata Daichi, who seized the opportunity, took the pass from Rhodes and successfully pushed the ball into the empty goal, helping Frankfurt lead the Tottenham Heat 1-0. prick.

However, the score of the game changed again in the 20th minute. Kane sent a through ball from the middle of the frontcourt. Son Heung-min, who was successful in anti-offside, made a single-handed shot and hit the goalkeeper, helping Tottenham Hotspur equalize 1-1.

In the 28th minute, when Kane got the ball from the left and entered the penalty area, he was brought to the ground by Yakic. After reviewing the VAR, Tottenham was awarded a penalty kick. Denham Hotspur won 2-1.

In the 35th minute, Hojbjerg made a cross from the left baseline, and Son Heung-min in the middle of the penalty area volleyed and scored, making the score 3-1.

Tottenham Spurs lead group standings

In the 51st minute of the second half, Richarlison made a cross from the right to the penalty area. Sessegnon shot from the back and was blocked by Frankfurt goalkeeper Trapp. In the 60th minute, Son Heung-min was hugged by Tuta when he got the ball in the frontcourt, and then Tuta was sent off for accumulating two yellow cards, causing Frankfurt to hold on with 10 people.

In the 67th minute, Tottenham got a good opportunity to set the ball on the left side of the frontcourt, but Dell's shot was slightly wide. In the 71st minute, Frankfurt organized a counterattack and Yakiic sent a long pass, but the crisis was resolved in time by Tottenham goalkeeper Lori.

In the 88th minute, Frankfurt got a good chance from a left corner kick. Alidu scored the ball into the opponent's goal during the header in front of the goal, helping Frankfurt to make the score 2-3.

In the end, Tottenham Hotspur had been protecting the city gates and defeated Frankfurt 3-2. Conte's team currently ranks first in the group standings with 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.