UEFA charges against West Ham and Fiorentina for UEFA final

2023-06-10 15:53

UEFA charges against West Ham and Fiorentina for UEFA final

In the final of the UEFA European Association League, West Ham United defeated Serie A Fiorentina 2-1 away in the Premier League, winning the club's first championship trophy in 43 years and ending the European trophy that had been waiting for 58 years. However, some incidents also occurred in this game, so that the two clubs participating in the final have received accusations from the UEFA Federation.

In one of the more serious incidents, a Fiorentina defender, Cristiano Biraghi, 30, was thrown empty beer glasses and e-cigarette pens and other items by opponent fans when he approached the corner kick near the stands of West Ham fans. The hit on the head caused the scalp to be scratched and bled profusely on the spot, and the game was forced to stop briefly and the victim was treated on the spot and bandaged to stop the bleeding before the game could continue.

The incident of injuring players caused the two clubs to severely condemn the perpetrators. West Ham United stated that the club adopts a zero-tolerance attitude. Anyone found to be involved in this incident will be handed over to the police for their details. Will be banned indefinitely from entering the London Stadium and attending West Ham United matches.

In addition, Fiorentina also deplored the injuries suffered by their players in the final, saying that such bad behavior obviously affected the performance of the players and their teammates. The transfer will seriously affect the psychological and personal safety of the players.

The club also firmly believes that UEFA will thoroughly investigate and evaluate this incident, appropriately punish the perpetrators responsible for this behavior, and make an example of this kind of situation so that it will never happen again.

UEFA charges against West Ham and Fiorentina for UEFA final

However, UEFA not only prosecuted West Ham United Club for the injury of players by West Ham United fans in the final, pointing out that the accusation did not properly control the fans for invading the field of play and throwing objects, but also accused Fiorentina. Fiorentina fans on board also set off fireworks and threw objects.