UEFA fined Celtic €15,000 over anti-monarchy banners following Queen Elizabeth II's death..

2022-10-11 19:21

UEFA fined Celtic €15,000 over anti-monarchy banners following Queen Elizabeth II

The Athletic released an exclusive report on Tuesday that Celtic has been fined €15,000 by UEFA during which fans displayed multiple banners with anti-monarchy messages in their Champions League group match away against Shakhtar Donetsk on September 14, 2022 .

According to the report, UEFA's Disciplinary and Ethics Committee set up a team to investigate the incident the day right after the match which had took place at the Polish Army Municipal Stadium in Warsaw.

On Tuesday, UEFA confirmed the presence of anti-monarchy fan banners such as "F*k the Crown", "If You Hate the Royal Family, Clap Your Hands", as well as "Sorry for your loss, Michael Fagan",a satire which refers to the 74-year-old London criminal, Michael Fagan who broke into the bedroom of the late Queen Elizabeth II in 1982, were "unsportsmanlike banners with provocative messages".

In addition, the report also revealed that within a week since the death of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, Celtic fan base has begun to have anti-monarchy thoughts and tendency.

It is worth mentioning that the fan base of the Scottish Premership defending champions has always favored the democratic and republicism of neighboring Ireland, and has been criticized many times for making anti-British Royal Family sentiments and suspected unpatriotic remarks.