Who is the biggest beneficiary of the revision of the wild area? (Four)

2022-10-02 15:43

Who is the biggest beneficiary of the revision of the wild area? (Four)

The three-stage displacement of Han Xin , the support speed is no less than the speed of the wall, and the operation difficulty is lower. Some players will choose to replace the Han Xin with Han Xin. Although there is less control, comparing the flexibility of the two, Han Xin really Enough is enough, how can it not be fragrant?

In addition, the speed of brushing the jungle is faster than other assassins. Under the same economic situation, some will complain that Han Xin can't fight one-on-one. Thinking from another angle, are you sure that Han Xin will give you a chance to level the economy? In the late stage, that's not Han Xin's problem.

Even if the economy falls behind, it can quickly catch up. A Han Xin player who really knows how to play will not allow his economy to be lower than his opponent, because his gameplay is to bully others with low economy, harvesting heads, brushing wilds, clearing lanes, and three-stage displacement, and completing these tasks in a short time is really true. Not difficult.

Meng Qi

Kings Canyon is divided into several types of assassins , namely rhythm, wild core and blue-collar wild. Rhythm type, as the name implies, is responsible for the rhythmic assassin. As for the wild core, it is the main output of the team and relies on the economy to deal damage. Usually heroes are very dependent on operation, and the fault tolerance rate is low. A little mistake will put the entire team in a headwind situation and cannot be chased. Back to the economy, if you can't develop, you can't come back, and the game is lost.

On the other hand, the blue-collar wild, the gameplay is different, the fault tolerance rate is very high, similar to the auxiliary assassin, while Meng Qi is positioned above the blue-collar wild, the combat effectiveness is generally average, depending on the equipment options, some are forced to play. Tanks, worry about being restrained in the early stage. After the season revision, the wild area is protected, which greatly improves Meng Qi's fault tolerance rate. You don't have to worry about being looked down on by the opposing wild core, and come back from time to time to counter the wild. After all, his output in the early stage is low.

In addition, the purple knife just fits the attributes of Meng Qi , provides a large amount of blood bonus, and the combat power is improved. It is a full 70%, and it is classified as an output hero. The purple knife successfully makes up for this defect. If you have good operation skills and play wild nuclear heroes, you deserve it, and you have confidence. However, some players are not familiar with the gameplay of assassins and dare not fight all the way, eating all teammates’ economy to output, filling positions at the right time, and have a dream Chi is not bad either.