Who is the biggest beneficiary of the revision of the wild area? (three)

2022-10-02 15:39

Who is the biggest beneficiary of the revision of the wild area? (three)

Although Xu 's ability to fight in the early stage is average, but with the ultimate skill, after jumping on the wall, his position will be more flexible, which greatly improves the support speed. Not only that, the big move helps Xun to unlock more operations, first go to the wall and then land, knock the enemy into the air, then use the strong power to attack the enemy, ping a few times, then make up a big move, and play the residual blood end effect.

Seeing that the enemy can't be killed, he kept repeating the skill connection in the process, consuming the enemy's blood in this way until he was killed, two blows, plus four enhanced basic attacks, so many big moves, this assassin's The strength was immediately increased by several levels, the skills were crazy, and the damage value was full.

The power of Xing is not about the strong and knock-up effects, but the assault power. The output is available to every hero. The higher the economy, the higher the equipment, the higher the natural damage. Not worth mentioning.

When fighting the Assassin, based on his skill mechanism, he is allowed to walk on the wall, so it is impossible to guess where he will attack from, and don't even think about figuring out his whereabouts unless you are focused on targeting him all the way. Many times, Baotuan was busy fighting and dealing with other people's skills. He quickly crossed the wall from a distance and quickly came to harvest. Based on this ability alone, Xuan is still known as the wild king of this season.

Han Xin

Xuan's mechanism can be used on the wall, while Han Xin specializes in crossing the wall, and the operation of Xuan is relatively difficult. Low-end game players do not use it frequently, and it performs better in high-end games and has a high win rate. Instead of practicing how to rely on the wall of the jungle to play an advantage, it is better to master Han Xin's displacement skills.

Han Xin is extremely mobile and is loved by all players in the segment. The mechanism has three displacements, and the data of high win rate and appearance rate is enough to prove the strength of this assassin. The belt line has a strong containment ability. It does not take dozens of seconds to jump from the confrontation road on the most edge to the development road on the other side, while brushing the wild and side belt line. In addition, the official increase the development speed of the jungle this season. You will definitely be able to play an economic advantage. The economy is higher than yours. It is not difficult to suppress your development.

The real biggest beneficiaries are not these three assassins, but the blue-collar wild you can't expect. My friends continue to stay at 77577 Sports , and the next article will reveal it for you!