Who is the biggest beneficiary of the revision of the wild area?

2022-10-01 16:26

Who is the biggest beneficiary of the revision of the wild area?

Every season , the canyon will plan major changes. The last few seasons are the best example. Players have witnessed how a mage can output heroes from an outbreak, and was abruptly changed by Tianmei into a tool mage, an explosive mage, with combat power It's not as good as a control-type mage, the hat is cut, and you don't need to focus on output anymore, you can concentrate on hiding behind you to slow down, control or suppress.

After another season, it was time to strengthen the support. Officials believed that this position was too humble and inconspicuous in the canyon. No players wanted to use it. Everyone rushed to play the output, enjoyed the joy of killing the opponent, and finally improved the support status. They need to play a more important role, and the team will not be able to do without support, support is no longer a position to score points, play against the jungle, protect the shooter development, everything depends on support.

After ushering in the S28 season, Tianmei put the focus back on the shooter, long-range output, the body is brittle, the only way is to strengthen the adjustment of output equipment, improve their output ability, displacement shooting has displacement skills to protect themselves, counterattack opponents at any time, then dead shooting What ability? Just general attack. It can be seen from this that the official adjusted the attack speed equipment and increased the frequency of basic attacks. When these flexible heroes flew to the side, they may be killed.

rhythm maker

The S29 season starts, where should I perform this time? If you are aiming at the rank, you should notice that the early stage development is too weak, but the assassin hero is not affected in any way, and it is more and more courageous. That is because Tianmei has suppressed the rhythm of the other positions in the early stage. Minutes, the wild area has a protection value of 15%.

Not only that, the development speed of the jungler has been improved, and the development of the early stage is very fast, which will soon facilitate other heroes to stretch the economy, no economy, no damage, the jungler has become the main output of the team, and they are more relied on to win or lose the game. It is difficult to recover the economy, and the crispy mages and shooters face greater danger.

If you encounter assassin teammates who don't know how to play, the situation will be even worse. This season, the assassins shoulder heavy responsibilities and don't have confidence in their teammates, so don't give up their positions. Want to know which assassin ate the version bonus? Pay close attention to 77577 Sports , the next article will be announced for you!