Wizards' 21-year-old forward Avdija recovers from injury expected to return in regular season

2022-10-13 13:54

Wizards' 21-year-old forward Avdija recovers from injury expected to return in regular season

21-year-old forward Denis Avdija participated in the Washington Wizards practice game today after suffering a groin injury. After practice, Wizards head coach Wes Unseld Jr. said he was evaluating Avdija's performance. Recovery level and progress in preparation for the upcoming regular season.

Avdija was a rookie selected by the Wizards with the ninth overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft. During his two seasons, he played in 136 games and averaged 7.6 points per 23.8 minutes and 5.1 points per game. rebounds, 1.7 assists, 0.7 steals and 0.4 blocks. The overall hit rate is 42.6%.

However, the young forward struggled with a groin injury at the end of last season, and the injury caused him to struggle to run at full strength during the early stages of Wizards training camp, and he even felt pain when walking.

According to Avdia revealed to the media after training, his injury has turned the corner. Although he missed the Wizards' preseason game, his recovery after training camp has progressed well, and he is also actively training at this stage to recover quickly. State, ready for his third NBA season to return to the lineup.

Wizards coach Unseld also said after today's practice game that Avdija was originally scheduled for training to improve his hit rate and defense, but due to a groin injury, his progress was a few weeks behind his teammates. There are still a few days of training time, and the coaching staff will follow up on Avdija's training results so that he can complete the preparation work in the regular season.

It is worth mentioning that head coach Unseld did not reveal to the media whether Avdia is ready to return in the final game of the preseason against the New York Knicks this Saturday, but it is certain that the young Forwards don't miss the NBA regular season.

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