World Cup Qatar 2022 - Best Player Lionel Messi | Argentina 2-1 Australia

2022-12-04 09:23

World Cup Qatar 2022 - Best Player Lionel Messi | Argentina 2-1 Australia

Cheers, singing and bouncing from all sides of the pitch, buoyed by the overwhelming support of the Argentines, the Argentines finally broke through after 35 minutes, the creator of a brilliant goal by Messi with incredible speed. terminator.

It took Argentina some time to find their rhythm in this physical confrontation, which started off sloppy, with Alejandro Gomez, Fernandez and Alvarez working together well, but as Messi struggled to play Because of his own role, he couldn't break through the resolute line of defense.

He took a free-kick and singled out Alexis McAllister, who passed the ball to Nicolas Otamendi, slipping back into the path of Messi, who shot low into the corner and beyond. out of reach of the outstretched Lane.

Argentina scored their second goal just before the hour mark as Ryan fumbled a huge back pass under pressure from Rodrigo de Paul and was robbed by Alvarez Right, the latter turned around and scored at home.

Argentina attempted a third goal, with Lautaro Martinez wide and Lionel Messi on target before Australian substitute Garangour missed with seconds remaining in stoppage time .

Argentina defender Navier Molina said the victory was all thanks to Messi. "It's a privilege to play with Messi, with him on the pitch we know we just have to be patient because he's our trump card."