Xavi said the team is not at the best moment, Cruyff said the game against Inter Milan is a life and death duel

2022-10-10 14:42

Xavi said the team is not at the best moment, Cruyff said the game against Inter Milan is a life and death duel

Barcelona beat Celta 1-0 at home in the eighth round of La Liga , and Xavi was interviewed after the game.

For this game, Xavi said it is important for the team to win when they are not in good form, and it is also important to get three points and lead the standings. So it's a golden win, but the team needs to learn to face difficulties. Barcelona is not at the best moment, the team needs to improve.

Xavi said Barca could have gone 2-0 up in the first half and that another goal would have changed everything, but the team played well in the first 45 minutes. Barcelona need to do a self-assessment. Barcelona controlled the situation in the frontcourt, but the gap was quite large in the second half.

Xavi believed that the reason for the poor performance in the second half should be fatigue. A game every three days makes the players tired, which also gives Celta a chance to score goals. Xavi also praised Ter Stegen's state of being very good, the back line performance has been good.

Regarding Lewandowski's few shooting opportunities in this game, Harvey said that Lewandowski felt very uncomfortable in the second half, just like the entire team, but coming to play helped the team a lot, and the team needed to find more Lewandowski on the field. Wan, pass the ball to him.

Xavi also said that if Barcelona wants to play like this in the second half, they can't win against Inter Milan, and if it is like the first half, they will have a chance. As for the national derby with Real Madrid, Xavi said they will do their best, but the game is unpredictable. Last season, Barcelona beat Real Madrid 4-0 in a low period .

Cruyff: The game against Inter is very important

Cruyff said that Barcelona did not score the second goal in this game, which made the game very long and the opponent's confidence became stronger and stronger, but the most important thing was that they finally won the game.

Cruyff also praised Ter Stegen's excellent performance, he became the key to Barcelona's victory today. Regarding the current state of Barcelona, Cruyff said that it is very important for Barcelona to have a lineup that can be rotated and competitive. Although the team encountered some difficulties, the team achieved a clean sheet again. To win the La Nasse title, the team must not only have a good offense, but also a good defense. Cruyff also said that the Champions League match between Barcelona and Inter Milan is very important, it is a life-and-death match.