Zhao Huaizhen's gameplay is undoubtedly the magic ball flow. (two)

2022-12-06 15:29

Zhao Huaizhen's gameplay is undoubtedly the magic ball flow. (two)

Usually, the fighters in the canyon are all-round heroes. As long as they can control their mechanics, they will be wild or side. According to the trend of the S29 season, the tactic of dominating the confrontation road is Li Xin, especially weakening the dark letter. It only takes 10 seconds to defeat a Zhu Bajie in Liushen costume, so how is Huaizhen's performance?

Ball flow is the best choice

Among the many outfits, players unanimously recommended "Falling Ball Flow" as Zhao Huaizhen's best choice. When he went to the training camp to test the effect, he fought with Zhu Bajie in Liushen costume. Netizens found that the time was also 10 seconds, which meant that Zhao Huaizhen was playing the ball flow. , Unreservedly, the true combat effectiveness is not inferior to that of Anxin.

Zhao Huaizhen vs. Secret Letter

Comparing the line-leading abilities of these two heroes, Anxin is slightly better. After all, he accelerates and avoids control during the charged attack. Who can keep him? Singles and escape are top-notch. On the other hand, in team battles, they are completely unsightly. They have no skills to keep people at all. When they are busy leading the line and holding a group, they will lose people. Huaizhen is different.

Zhao Huaizhen's basic attack is like chasing, ignoring the wall, intuitively passing through to attack the enemy, and can be used unlimitedly. The displacement skills are not limited to basic attacks. The first and second skills have the same effect. The control is more stable than the dark letter, and the hit rate is high. Don't worry. will be dodged by the opponent. Do you still remember that the editor mentioned that the advantage of the dark letter is the dominant body? Zhao Huaizhen also has a big move, and the recovery speed is faster than the dark letter. Netizens rated it as an enhanced version of the dark letter. It seems that Zhao Huaizhen is about to replace the dark letter. Maybe he will dominate the data of the confrontation road. Let's wait and see!

Secret letter builds, Ma Chao plays

Go back to Zhao Huaizhen's outfit, just follow the dark letter mode, there are resistance shoes, doomsday, ice mark grip, shadow battle axe, gorefiend's wrath and eternal night. The battle ax is replaced by an electric knife, but Huaizhen needs more cooling time, frequent use of skills, and more control, so the shadow battle ax is the most suitable.

Zhao Huaizhen's ability to lead the line is weak, but his ability to fight against the line is strong. He can be called a line bully. Even so, after all, the equipment is the magic ball flow, before you don't have two pieces of equipment, don't grab it alone. This fighter has blood recovery, domineering body, control, fast tower pushing speed, and strong laning ability. Will he surpass dark letter at his peak?