Zhao Huaizhen's gameplay is undoubtedly the magic ball flow.

2022-12-06 15:27

Zhao Huaizhen's gameplay is undoubtedly the magic ball flow.

Zhao Huaizhen is finally online. I didn’t expect that before the end of the year, the official will give players a new hero. In the past, they will go online after the season changes. Currently, there is no direct sale in the mall, and they can only be exchanged after completing the event to obtain props. Rest assured that the task is very It's simple, just get a few game heroes, leaving tens of thousands of gold coins. Zhao Huaizhen is just an appetizer. After the start of the S30 season, another new hero, Lexio, will be released soon.

Passive skill

Zhao Huaizhen was positioned as a warrior . Not long after he went online, players were discussing a lot, studying what position this hero should play, and his outfit. Let's start step by step, why not take a look at his skill mechanism first. With the passive skill "Qi follows the heart", Huaizhen successively uses four basic attacks: palm, fist, elbow, and leaning strength. Start with palm strength, causing physical damage once, and double damage to wild monsters.

In addition, when the energy is full, the movement distance of this move is increased, and when the energy is full, Huaizhen will rush to the enemy's side. Quick strikes with fist strength cause 20 physical damage twice, and elbow strength causes physical damage while recovering 55 points of life. Using Reliance will cause 150 physical damage after a short charge, each hit consumes 1 energy, restores 1 energy every 0.7 seconds, and can accumulate 4 energy.

a skill

The first skill "Pull the clouds to see the light", Huaizhen raises his true energy, and punches like a wind. The wind rolls around the enemy and moves together, causing 350 physical damage.

Second skill

With the second skill "Concentration", Huaizhen enters the parry posture and continuously gains 200 to 680 shields for 4 seconds. Parry the hard control received for the first time, and counterattack in the direction of the attacker, causing 150 physical damage, stun and knockback effects, and then no longer parrying the hard control, when the parry stance ends, it will deal 250 to 550 Physical damage.

Three skills

The ultimate skill "Yin-Yang Reversal", Huaizhen hits the cloud hand and continues to dominate the body, forming a cyclone around him to protect himself and causing 200 physical damage to surrounding enemies. The cyclone absorbs 50 to 70% of the upcoming damage for Huaizhen, and absorbs The incoming flying object absorbs up to 1500 damage, and then condenses the absorbed damage into air and sends it out to the selected enemy, causing 800 physical damage in the range after hitting the hero. It can be seen from this that with such a skill mechanism, this hero has a changeable gameplay and strong adaptability, and can complete jungle, side lanes, and even support without problems.