Enable physical recovery Messi gets a chance to rest

2022-10-08 10:50

Enable physical recovery Messi gets a chance to rest

The defending champion Paris Saint-Germain will go away in the 10th round of the Ligue 1 to fight Reims, who is currently ranked 17th in the standings, and has performed very well in Ligue 1, the UEFA Champions League and the Argentine national team recently. The eye-catching Messi finally got a chance to rest. According to media reports, Messi has not joined Paris Saint-Germain's squad for the time being due to some leg problems.

In the earlier UEFA Champions League group H group match against Benfica, Messi sacrificed the world wave to help Paris Saint-Germain draw the opponent and continue to rank first in the group standings. However, when the game went to the 81st minute of the second half, Messi took the initiative to ask to be replaced, which also caused fans to worry about whether Messi was facing physical problems.

However, Paris Saint-Germain coach Galdi told the media that Messi only felt a little tired in the final stage of the game, so he volunteered to be replaced.

Messi's last World Cup participation

But it should be noted that Messi also said a few days ago that this will be his last participation in the World Cup . Therefore, in order to show the best performance on the stage of the Qatar World Cup, Messi will naturally not let himself suffer any physical damage.

On the other hand, Argentine striker Di Maria, who also performed well in the Champions League group stage, helped Juventus win their first victory of the season with 3 assists. However, in the focus of Zuyundus's away match against AC Milan in the 9th round of Serie A tomorrow, Di Maria was suspended for being shown a red card before. Therefore, some fans jokingly said that Di Maria was suspended for intentional fouls because of this month’s schedule is too dense.

At present, in the Argentine national team, the final attention players are Messi and Di Maria. Di Maria helped Argentina win the championship by contributing goals in last year's Copa America. As for whether Messi can help the team lift the Hercules Cup in the Qatar World Cup, it will definitely be a point of concern for fans around the world.

In addition, another Argentine star Lautaro, although he has not yet performed prominently in Inter Milan, is also an indispensable part of the national team. Since neither Messi nor Di Maria will play in tomorrow's league game, Lautaro's performance will be highly anticipated by Argentine fans.